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How to Make Russian Bread Essay

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Bread plays an important role in our life. Over the centuries it has traveled and evolved, reflecting both the unity and diversity of human culture, and the ability of people to adapt to their environment. What kind of bread people make depends on what kind of grain is available, and that often depends on local climate and geography.
Though bread is important part of our life we must carefully select the type of bread that we consume. The healthiest breads are the dense chewy types made from 100 percent stone ground whole wheat or whole grain flours. These breads contain significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. Breads to avoid include all 'fluffy' easy-to-eat varieties, or any bread made with refined white flour.
Nowadays market is full of all kind of breads. Most of them are made from refined white flour because it is cheap. Since it is hard to find bread that is made of healthy ingredients I decided to bake my own bread

So today I am going to talk about how to make this wonderful homemade bread in the oven. Everybody has this idea that baking bread at home is so difficult. But in reallity it is not. All you got to do is just to have exact measurements of all ingredients, oven pan and strong hands, because you have to knead the dough. So you put all ingredients together, mix them very well until you got a dough, put it in a baking pan and let it sit for a while, then after it grew enough put it in the oven and bake.

Today I will teach you about the ingredients, how to put them together the right way and bake a nice bread with Russian taste. The main ingredient of any bread is the flour. What is the flour? The flour is a powder which is made by grinding cereal grains, other seeds or roots. There are five different types of flour today on a market.   Unbleached, bleached, All-purpose, self rising, Enriched.
Unbleached flour is simply flour that has not undergone bleaching and therefore does not have the color of "white" flour....

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