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How to Tame a Wild Tongue Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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The most interesting/important/strange thing you see that these women share in common is about their beliefs . They also have very strong sense of belonging ,and they treasure the values of their religions and cultures. In “How To Tame A Wild Tongue “, Anzaldua shows us her determination in promoting her mother tongue which is also an essential component in a culture . She also emphasized the importance of her mother tongue by using Spanish quotes and words in between the sentences. She also did not give up even though she faced many difficulties in the journey of how she made the world recognized Chicano Spanish . Marjane in “The Veil “ also shows us her strong belief in God ,and that she did not give up her dream to be a prophet , which she believed in, was a decision from God.
The second similarity from both essays is about their hopes for freedom. In “How To Tame A Wild Tongue “,Anzaldua asked for freedom and to allow her to learn new things in her own way. Being punished during recess, requiring to take 2 speech classes to get rid of the accent ,and “ Who to say that robbing people of its language is less violent than war “ is the quote that she put at the end of the first paragraph , are examples that clearly show how she felt back then. In “ The Veil “ the author asked for freedom to dream and to do everything in life . Although she believed that she was born with religion , the unnecessary religious rules, and stereostyle   prevent her living with a light heart . She wanted to change people’s thoughts and bring justice to everyone. In an imaginary vision in the last cartoon, she holds a scale of justice, makes a sign of love, and holds a sword and shield and declares that she wants “to be justice, love, and the wrath of God all in one.”
The difference from the two essays are areas of focusing. In “How To Tame A Wild Tongue “,Anzaldua only focused on mother tongue . She described about the variation of Spanish , the formation and how people use each of the...

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