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How To Tune Up A Gm Engine Essay

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  • on November 4, 2010
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How to tune up a GM 403 Oldsmobile   engine
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Jason McRoberts

      How to tune a general motors v-8 403 cubic inch motor . You start with a vehicle lets see
how about a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am, that’s what I own.

First you determine what style of plugs you want to use. I recommend a higher end type that is
the best for the environment. Like the “E3 Diamond Fire Spark Plugs”. They increase your
performance and efficiency in comparison to cheaper brands. They actually deliver a larger spark
to the combustion chamber. In   doing this it boosts the horse power and burns the excess fuel
making them more efficient.

Next we want to find a good style of plug wires the best style to use is one that delivers the best
spark and doesn’t break down to fast. I think we will go with the “Taylor Thunder Volts 500”.
They are 10.4mm thick which gives less resistance to the spark the resistance is 50 ohms/ft (+/-
20%), that will boost your horse power approximately to 5 hp and 7ft-lbs of torque. That’s better
than any competition spark plug wires.

Now that you’ve picked your spark plugs and spark plug wires we go to our next decision the
style of distributor cap and rotor button. When it comes to ignition the best of the best use MSD
Ignition but there is another up and coming brand that’s been around the block like MSD
Ignition and that’s ACCEL. But I’m not fighting about it we’ll stick with the pro’s MSD’s
Ultimate HEI kit that covers our distributer cap and rotor button. This makes our rev limiter
adjustable the module that comes in this kit is a digital 7.5 amp performance module with a
matched HEI E-core coil. Now that we have everything we can get started.

You’ll need a 5/8ths socket and a swivel and a 5 inch extension. First you start with opening the
hood and installing fender covers to protect the paint. Next you take the shaker hood scoop, this
is done by loosening a screw clamp that holds it...

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