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How To Write Essay

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  • on November 16, 2010
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Term Research Paper:


2 Main Instructions, Objectives, and Evaluation Guidelines:

The research essay is the most complex piece of writing you have been asked to prepare for this course—but it is also the most fun. Don’t worry! You'll make it through this. You’re the one in the driver’s seat.


    • To demonstrate ability to obtain and comprehend scholarship on literal and critical levels.

    • To demonstrate ability to prepare effective, original critical analysis, synthesizing others’ views to support your own.

Choose a major author – poet, short story author, novelist, playwright, etc.
    • Look at biographical information about that author’s life.
    • Examine common themes, styles, etc. present in his/her work.
    • Choose two works by that author that have common themes and critically analyze and compare them. Use reliable literary criticism from credible sources to support your analysis as well as the primary texts.
    • Use two or more of the types of literary criticisms to examine the texts in your critical analysis.

The essay will be organized along the following guidelines:
    ❑ Title Page (MLA Style)
    ❑ Final Draft:
        o an introductory paragraph that outlines the scope and the direction your research took and contains the thesis; additionally, it could possibly explain (without using the first person – “I” - what is interesting about the project and what its goals are
        o a documented critical analysis, which contains biographical information about the author and how that may have contributed to the author’s themes, style, etc. and a comparative critical analysis that compares and contrasts two of the author’s works (i.e. the body of your paper), ;
        o a conclusion paragraph, restating your main ideas and smoothly bringing your paper to a close.
        o Total Word Count: 3-5 pages (not including title page or works cited
    ❑ Works Cited Page...

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