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Huck Finn Essay

  • Submitted by: hokies14
  • on November 25, 2012
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In   Huckleberry   Finn,   Mark   Twain   places   Huck   Finn   in   many   situations   that   cause   Huck   to   change   his   identity.   Each   of   Huck's   identities   comes   with   a   different   situation.   From   dressing   like   a   girl   to   being   a   young   child   whose   family   is   fighting   smallpox,   Huck's   mindset   never   changes.   Each   situation   shares   the   same   simple   answer.   .   .   to   protect Jim.
          The   first   situation   is   when   Huck   Finn etends   to   be   a   girl   whose   name   is   Sarah Williams.   According   to   this   quote,   " by-and-by   she   dropped   onto   Pap   and   the   murder,   and   then   I   was   pretty   willing   to   let   her   clatter   right   along, " Huck Finn   is   a   victim   of   a   murder.   However,   this   change   in   Huck   Finn's   identity   allows   him   to   go   into   town   and   gain   information   about   himself   and   Jim. Everything   Huck   Finn   learns   will   help   him   protect   Jim.
            The   next   situation   occurs   when   Huck   and   Jim   are   sitting   on   the   river.   Two   men   approach   Huck   and   ask   him   if   he   has   seen   any   run   away   slaves. Using   his   cleverness,   Huck   suddenly   comes   up   with   a   great   plan   to   protect   Jim.   Huck   pretends   to   be   a   young   boy   whose   family   is   fighting   smallpox.   The   two   men   want   nothing   to   do   with   the   contagious   family.   Therefore,   Huck   keeps   the   two   men   from   capturing   Jim.
            The   last   situation   is   when   the   Grangerford's   hear   Huck   outside   their   home.   Luckily,   Huck's   cleverness   kicks   in   again   and   he   pretends   his   name   is   George   Jackson.   Just   like   before,   Mark   Twain   reveals   to   the   readers   Huck's   protection   over   Jim.
            In   every   situation   where   Huck   Finn   changes   his   identity   there   is   one   simple   reason   why   Huck   risks   his   life.   .   . to   protect   Jim.   Jim's   presence   to   Huck   is   more   than   a   friend,   it   is   the   presence   of   the   only   true   father   figure   Huck   knows.   In   each...

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