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Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard Essay

  • Submitted by: amc91
  • on November 1, 2010
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Every one's opinion of what is funny and what isn't funny differs, some like the tawdry jokes, while others prefer dry wit. Others find sarcasm funny, while still more may find it offensive. Each person has their own particular sense of humor. In Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard Kiran Desai creates relatable characters and situations that allows for the reader to have easy laughs throughout the novel no matter what their humor preferences may be.
Kiran Desai is able to create ample amounts of humor through the unpredictability of her characters. One such occasion where humor is created through unpredictability, which occurs in chapter 25, is during one of Pinky's crazy antics.   During the Hullabaloo of attempting to remove the monkeys from the Monkey Baba's orchard, everyone is completely distracted, but Pinky manages to notice the figure of the 'dashing' Brigadier (208). Her attraction for the Brigadier comes to light after the hungry hop boy becomes a captive of the army per the Brigadier's orders and Pinky becomes disenchanted with the boy (206). This moment is particularly humorous because not only does Pinky wish to pinch the Brigadier's bottom, but she justifies her feelings with her fathers advice to seek a potential matrimonial match with a higher social ranking than herself and her family (149), somewhat twisting her fathers words. This attraction of Pinky's is also funny because the Brigadier is the man who’s actions led to Pinky's disenchantment with the Hungry Hop Boy an example of dramatic irony. Some readers are able to relate to this instance to a certain degree because everyone has been disappointed by a loved one and some choose to look to another for comfort, but Pinky's way is slightly more immature, much like a teenage boy, creating humor in the situation.
The love of Pinky and the Hungry Hop Boy seems to be very immature. During the first encounter, after Pinky realizes that she has feelings for the boy, she bites his ear (113), an...

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