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Human Essay

  • Submitted by: henryboy006
  • on November 25, 2012
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In this essay , it will agree that the status of women in family increased because of economic independent , Legal protection and Feminist Consciousness Raising.

Family is a married or unmarried couple stay with or without their never-married child or children (Social Trends,2002,p.232). After Second World War , the nuclear family in Britain was taken the majority over the family structure . During this golden age, The status of mother and father are complete different. The father dominated the family and he was seen as the “breadwinner” responsible for supporting the family by working outside the home .But the status of mother was caring the home and children(ordering lives: family, work and welfare,p48,49). However , this situation has been changing significantly from 20 century to 21 century. Today ,women in Britain can working outside ,having more rights and benefit from the high quality of education. Therefore ,the status of women in family has also be changing .In this essay ,it is suggests that the status of women in family has increased from 20 century to 21 century due to economic independent ,legal protection and feminist consciousness raising.

Before 20 century, man completely dominated the society. Many of women in Britain seemed to have less role than man because of inequality in economic, political and legal terms (Evans, E J ,2000). In the 20th century , upper class and middle class women were not looked forward to work outside the home. Only few of women could work and majority of   professions refused to hire women. Most of wives could not leave their husbands even if they wanted to, it is because they were not economic independence that help them to survive at that time (A Coote and B Campbell,1982). From the 19th century , women could working outside , but the majority of them were only engage in domestic servants , about 11 and 13 per cent of wives were domestic servants in England and Wales. By 1931, the percentage had descended to under...

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