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Human Personality Essay

  • Submitted by: benjamins0730
  • on November 17, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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When it comes to the human personality, there are several theories and assessments on the personalities. Each theory has its own background, and a way to assess it. For example, the psychodynamic theory. Psychodynamic is when someone has thoughts or feelings that may date back from prior experiences, possibly from their childhood. The best way to assess this theory is through projective tests, and even personal interviews. Another theory is humanistic, which is personal growth, and the best way to assess this theory is through objective tests and also personal interviews. Trait is another theory, which is when someone acts in different characteristic ways. The best way to assess this theory is through objective tests. The last theory is social learning, which is based off of punishment. The best way to assess this theory is interviews, objective tests, and observations. The online personality test that I took seems to be an objective test. The reason behind this opinion is the fact that it is scored in a standard way. Each person that takes the test is given a response based off their generalized answer. The response to my online assessment was ISFP, which states that I am an artist, and interested in fine arts. I do feel like this fits my personality in a certain sense. I am more of an artistic person, but mostly in the form of music. I absolutely love classical music, and group music, though community choirs. I do also enjoy artwork, but my art is mostly expressed through words and songs. I can see how this tests could give a better idea of someone’s personality, however it doesn’t mean that it is a definite answer. Obviously these tests are subject to description, and in this instance, it did not hit me one hundred percent. I think there was some room for improvement, but overall was fairly close to my personality. Each of these methods for assessing are very important, because most people need to know somewhat how to assess their personalities. Nothing if...

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