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Huricane Essay

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Hurricanes are warm storms fueled by thunderstorms near their center. But before we can call any storm a hurricane, there are certain criteria that have to be met.   Sometimes hurricanes can use pre-existing systems of disturbed weather to form; although in this system they must have some sort of circulation as well as a low pressure center. Another component that helps to form a hurricane is low wind shear. High wind shear would prevent the formation of a feedback loop which helps power the storm. Warm water is another and probably the most important component in the formations of hurricanes. Water temperatures have to be at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit down to a depth of at least 150 feet. Hurricanes are known as warm storms so it would only make sense that they form in warm water. The last component that will be mentioned is, distance from the equator. The minimum distance that a hurricane can form from the equator is 310 miles or 5 degrees on a map. This distance allows the Coriolis Effect to circulate the storm system giving it the appearance of a pin wheel (Wikipedia, 2007).

All hurricanes are structured identically. They have a low pressure center, a warm core, an eye, an eye wall, and rain bands. This is your essential structure of a hurricane. All tropical storms rotate around an area of low atmospheric pressure near the Earth’s surface.   Records show that these are the lowest pressures that occur on the Earth’s surface at sea level.   These storms are characterized and driven by the release of large amounts of latent heat as moist air is carried upward and its vapor condenses. Therefore at any given altitude above the surface of the Earth, the environment inside the hurricane is warmer than the surrounding atmosphere, this is known as the “warm core”. The eye of a hurricane is an area of sinking air at the center of circulation. Weather in the eye is usually calm and free of clouds. However the ocean inside the eye may be extremely violent...

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