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Hydrometallurgy To Analyze A Chromite Sample Essay

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Part A: Spectroscopy
1. 0.05g of Iron(III) Nitrate in a 50-ml beaker. Add 17 mL of distilled water to the beaker and mix with a stir rod until the solid is completely dissolved.
2. Obtain another 50-mL beaker and add 0.05g of Chromium(III) Nitrate to the beaker. Then, add 17 mL of distilled water and mix until the solid is dissolved.
3. Obtain a final 50-mL beaker and add 0.05 grams of the unknown substance to the beaker. Add 17 mL of distilled water and mix with a stir bar until the solid is completely dissolved. Record the unknown number of the solid in the lab report.
4. Go to your MeasureNet station and turn it on by pressing ON/OFF.
5. Once the station has been activated, press the MAIN MENU button followed by the F5 for a Spectroscopy, and finally F2 for Absorbance. Next,   press the SETUP button to establish parameters for the absorbance. Press F1 to set the limits and use the arrow keys to move from the X to the Y axis or from max to min.
6. For this experiment, absorbance will be recorded on the Y-axis. Set the maximum intensity for 2.0 and press ENTER. Leave the minimum at 0. Press ENTER again.
7. The Wavelength will be recorded on the X axis in nanometers. Leave the settings for the maximum and minimum set at the default values. Since you will be using a UV-visible source the min and max wavelengths will be between 250nm to 850nm. To accept these values, press DISPLAY.
8. Next add 3.00 mL of the Iron(III) Nitrate solution made in step one to a cuvette. Do the same for the Chromium(III) Nitrate solution and the unknown solution. Make sure the cuvettes are at least ¾ full to ensure data collected is accurate. Next, add 3.00 mL of water to a fourth cuvette. Also, make sure the outside of the cuvettes are dry.
9. Go to the spectrophotometer and make sure the toggle switch is set to ON. Press STATION NUMBER and enter the number of your station and then press ENTER. There will be a “Ready to Scan” message after ENTER is pressed.
10. Insert the black...

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