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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and the Color Purp Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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The magical transformation of two women the novels of Maya Angelou and Alice Walker
In the stream of Black women writers, emerging two writers who, with their talents, illustrate the personal strength of their own sex.
They undergo changes, not become someone else, but to become themselves. Central on the two books is a quest for true identification which no one can step for them but they themselves have to find and take it.
As Alice Walker said in one of her interview: …… Because of the color skin and sex that they are born with, the way the authors of the novels perceive the world is not the same as the way many people see it. For such a reason, their characters also acknowledge the world in a different light.
Since they are black and they are women, their life is considered of no value by black man or the society. They are expected to follow a code of behavior without resentment that is imposed by Black men and white society. Those forces of oppression treat them as if they are not human beings with brains to think and hearts to feel the desire for happiness, but rather cheap and worthless objects. It seems that they are destined for a life being denied of any happiness. This is further proved by the first parts of their life which unfold during the first chapters when they serve as subservient to man and white people. At first, they are both vulnerable to the social suppression; that is why they become victims of sexual abusiveness at a young age. And the traces of that violence haunt them for a very long time, making them retreat into their shell and isolated from others’ connections.
Driven by the voice they attain, those women embark on a journey to true happiness.
“She scream at me. She cuss at me. I’m big. I can’t move fast. By the time I git back from well, the water be warm. By the time I git the tray ready the food be cold. By the time I git all the children ready for school it be dinner time”. These sentences, like almost every sentence in her...

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