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I'M Still Alive Essay

  • Submitted by: KeelyShayLaRae
  • on November 25, 2012
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I’m Still Alive
By S.N.

    “INTRUDER ALERT!” Was all the siren/alarm repeated, over and over. I wouldn’t forget to punch my brother I the face when I got back from my mission.
    My brother was a famous inventor who had to invent…of all things known to man, - the dumb siren. He sold and owned many companies. He was a billionaire. Too bad my other brother had to turn against the world. Well, he isn’t what I’m supposed to tell you about. I’m telling you my story.
    I stood leaning against the metal walls. I watched as a man in a midnight black cloak came gliding into the large room. The hood concealed everything, and shaded his whole face,- unfortunately, I couldn’t see if this was the right man. Moments later, he finally removed his hood, and as I suspected, it was him! Although he wore a black mask concealing his horrific scars.
    “Hello Damian,” I smirked from where I leaned against the cold wall. I took a step forward, and my foot echoed around the room. I jumped into the air crossing the small room in a single front flip. I landed not an inch from Damian. He stepped back, startled by my presence.
    “ You are always so,” as he talked to me in a flat tone he looked around the room, but did a double take when he saw the hole I punctured into the wall to get inside, undetected. “dramatic, and un-lady-like.” Well I guess he was right. He looked me over. I was wearing my tight, grey flight-skin, (a flight-skin is like a scuba-diving suit only with wings on the back, the wings resemble a dragon-flies) and black, leather boots that reached my thighs. I also had a belt slung across my hip with all kinds of weaponry. I had another mini-belt on my left thigh with more weaponry. My long, black hair was pulled back into a braid that reached my thighs, tied off with a black, velvet ribbon. I didn’t flinch at all, I just glared at him with my pine needle green eyes. Almost cat-like eyes really. “ Heard of a…‘door’?” he scoffed.
    “ Yes, I have heard...

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