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Ib- Micro Macro Environment Essay

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Analyzing the Global Risks map we see that there are 5 major factors which are affecting the current micro/macro environment situation. They are
  1. Global Governance Failure
  2. Unsustainable population growth
  3. Critical Systems failure
  4. Chronic fiscal imbalances
  5. Rising green house gas emissions
The rampant corruption is one of the major factor which has affected the good governance practice is many countries. Many developing countries are facing this issue. Terrorism hitting countries like India are a result of both the governance failure and critical system failure. Apart from loss of lives terrorism also dampens the mood of investment in the country due to safety issues. In developing countries like India and China unsustainable population growth has affected them badly. This has led to unplanned urbanization, food crisis, and increased income disparity. The land and water resources have also become scarce as a result of population growth. Another big factor which is dampening the growth and investment scenario in developing countries is inflation rate. With development, prices are souring but due to income disparity the poor are suffering. Labour market is still cheap due to easy supply of unskilled labour and they are getting hit hard by the soaring inflation. A balance is missing. Energy and agricultural prices remain volatile in such countries wherein the energy costs are rising steadily. Another important factor is rising pollution and extreme weather in some of these countries. Due to rising green house gas emissions the ecological balance has been disturbed. Any big project now has to mandatory pass through environmental clearance which is necessary also.

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