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Ibogaine: an Addiction Treatment Essay

  • Submitted by: miltonbrown
  • on November 25, 2012
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Ibogaine is a hallucinogenic chemical that can cause profound and long-lasting hallucinations. In its pure form, it is a white, bitter-tasting powder. It occurs naturally in a number of plants native to West Central Africa, including Tabernanthe iboga and Voacanga africana.   Ibogaine-containing plants have a history of traditional use in West Africa in initiation ceremonies and religious rituals. (Naranjo1973)     There are several contemporary “iboga churches such as the Bwiti , which use iboga as a sacrament and initiation tool. Ibogaine was first extracted from T. iboga in 1901” (Naranjo1973, p 174).   An ibogaine-containing extract was sold as an antidepressant called Lambarene in France beginning in 1939 (Ravalec,   et al. 2007).   There has been limited interest in ibogaine as a recreational psychoactive due in part to its long duration of action.   During the 1960s ibogaine was briefly investigated as adjunct to psychedelic therapy (Ravalec,   et al. 2007).   In the last few decades there has been continuing interest in Europe, North America, and Mexico in the use of ibogaine for addiction treatment. (Ravalec,   et al.2007).

      Studies suggest that ibogaine has considerable potential in the treatment of addiction to heroin, cocaine, , methadone, alcohol, and tobacco dependence. (Maciulaitis 2008).   Many researchers share the belief that Ibogaine also has characteristics that might help treat other compulsive behavioral patterns. (Popik and Glick 2006).   The basic effects of the Ibogaine treatment in addiction is separated into three distinctive categories; long term, intermediate and acute. The intermediate and the acute stages are sometimes also referred to as the after effects (Lotsof 1995).   It has also been suggested that the drug may have considerable potential in the field of psychotherapy, particularly as a treatment for the effects of trauma (Maciulaitis 2008).  

A single administration of ibogaine typically has three effects useful in the...

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