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Ideal Lover Essay

  • Submitted by: shihonaruto
  • on November 17, 2013
  • Category: English
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Topic:   Describe your ideal lover
Lao Tzu said, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage”. It is exactly true for anyone who once experienced the feeling of love. Like any girl at the age of 19, I also have a dream about my ideal lover who can always share and sympathize with me in this complex life.
The very first thing drawing my attention is his personality rather than his appearance. Although I know that, in fact, it is obviously difficult for us to find someone that meets our demands, I believe I can. I am a sensitive and careless girl, therefore, I expect my sweetheart to have empathy for and understanding of me. Sometimes we can have a row but I hope that we can be calm down and together find out solutions to our problem. Moreover, it would be great if he is respectful and sensitive to the other, which helps him leave a good impression on people around. In addition, I would love him more if he has sense of humour. This means that he can make me laugh even in the worst of situations and bring up my mood when I am really feeling down.
Other characteristics I expect my sweetheart to have are loving children or sports and having an understanding of information technology. A man is always attractive when he takes care of children and plays any kind of sports. I also hope that he can help me with some technology problems that I cannot solve myself. In terms of appearance, I would like to have a lover who is tall and good-looking person. Everyone claims that if your darling is too handsome, you will easily lose him one day in competition with other girls, so I believe that my choice is reasonable. To be honest, he may not be the sexiest man out there but he is attractive in his own way, especially in my heart.
In conclusion, finding an ideal lover for your own is so difficult that you need to be patient and try to wait for his presence. Love is blind and being in love is wonderful, so I will go on looking...

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