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If I Ha Super Powers Essay

  • Submitted by: waqas59
  • on November 25, 2012
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I'd say that the belief in superpowers is rooted into the very core of the human being. Believing that seemingly unaccomplishable feats can and have be accomplished gives us hope that someday we might also be a part of something great. And though our destiny may never include super physical strength, impressive psychic abilities or gates into other dimensions, never forget the fact that as you are, you are potentially a human torch.

If I were a child, I would want to be exactly like the common super heroes like Batman or Superman.   I am not a child though.   I’m a 16 year old girl.   I am pretty sure I am not from a different planet and I think that the weird spandex suit would be inevitable.   It’s either that or some other costume.   That’s not the point though.
I would want amazing mind skills.   It’s odd. But let’s take a minute to ponder this...   I would be able to move things with my mind.   I would probably have the ability to set people in any state of mind; make them at ease or something like that.   I would have the ability to hypnotize as well as read minds.   I could also move things with my mind.   Basically, I would have total control of any situation and get major enjoyment from looking into other peoples thoughts.   It’s kind of nosy, but probably really convenient.   Scratch that, it will, most definitely be convenient! Also, I would be able to fly because that’s just easier to get someplace quickly and super agility to dodge any attack.
Besides using them for typical things a teenage girl would, if I were a super hero, I would use them to defeat evil.   I would have some sort of detector in my “Minds Eye” to notify me of any evil thoughts being put into action by evil doers.   I would then “suit up” and fly to the scene of the crime.   Then I would be a part of some awesome action-packed fight and save the day.   I would defeat the evil doer and his/her henchmen with my awesome mind abilities.   I would lift objects with my...

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