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If One Wants to Be a Cga Essay

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If one wants to be an accountant   and be given a senior accounting and financial positions then one needs to have the CGA designation. Also there is a need of accounting in all industries. In addition there are a great number of employment   opportunity for accountants in the future. The statistics show that 48% of financial executives report difficulty in finding a skilled accountant. These are the reasons why one can be CGA.
The four benefits about CGA   according to J.D Clark are
  * CGAs get a high income. they are in the top 5% of income earners in Canada.
  * a huge network of CGAs and students (more than 7500)
  * CGAs can also do public accounting and audits.
  * one can work and also earn your CGA.

4. There are many reasons why people take CGA. one of them is that CGA earn a high income. another being that it lets you choose   a lifestyle that has room for fun. finally there is a wide range of opportunity throughout the world. thus suitable work can be found at each stage of life.

Transfer   post-secondary credits.
One can transfer the credits earned from a post secondary institution and thus it will reduce the number of courses to take.
After earning the transfer credit one can enrol into the program.
Complete the Academic Requirements
The program includes three academic parts including 19 courses in total. they are the foundation and advanced studies, elective courses, certification courses.
Meet the Employment Experience Requirement
About 24 months(12 months in Canada) of work experience is needed to complete the program. This done to use the knowledge in practical situations.
Meet the Degree Requirements
Before one can complete the CGA program, you need a degree from a recognized university or college. If you don't have a degree then you have the option to complete a degree at the same time as your designation.
Do More
With this designation, one can get a great job.

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