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Illiad Notes Essay

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  • on November 17, 2010
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Illiad Notes derived from Emily's Composition book
Background~ Homer: War Slave (Which is why the Greeks are portrayed in a negative light)
            The term “homer” is a descriptor>.
Epic Poetry:
1)       Invocation (to muse)
2)       In Media Res (Start in the middle of the action)
3)       Stock Epithets (swift-runner Achilles)
4)       Supernatural/Fate
a.       Focus on fate: Stoicism: World is as it is- you accept them. Life should be devoted to philosophy; Hektor [KNOW THIS]
b.       Epicureanism: Only life you get- should enjoy it. Not to excess, body should be taken care of
5)       Heroic Struggle
Invocation: Ask muse to bring the story to a higher level
Book 1:
Beginning: Given a negative image of Achilles
            -Killed many great Greek warriors
            -This is a hook
Zeus: goal/end towards which we’re moving towards which involves all of these deaths.
Blamed Achilles instead of Zeus [or else the poet will have a shortened lifespan]
Argument between Achilles and Agamemnon starts off all the death
            Apollo [whose ironically peace] causes it
Not only Achilles’s fault, but Agamemnon’s too
Apollo’s priest: Chryses
            Sign of Apollo and Troy: Gold staff (brings it for safety)
Goes out of protective walls of Troy, into Greek encampment for his daughter
Bloodprice: “Priceless ransom”
            Greeks MUST take it (culture)
            Greeks: Broke these kinds of understood rules (ransacking temples)
Stalemate: 9 years (need one Olympian to switch sides to end war)
            Priest: Willing to let Greeks win war, convince Apollo to switch sides
Rape- weapon of war
Priest’s daughter knows what will happen to her if she leaves Troy. So why is she out there?
            She is a daughter of the Priest and so she must be one
            She was probably in a small town which the Greeks ransacked
Hubris- excessive pride
            “cannot have...

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