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Image Is Everything Essay

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  • on October 27, 2010
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Article Critique on
Image Is Everything by Stephanie Robinson
                  In the article titled “Image Is Everything” by Stephanie Robinson, author Robinson explores the different roles that image plays in a society.   She does so by exploring all of the controversy over representations of blackness, and through this the reader can tell that her argument is that image is everything in the society that we live in today. This argument is logical (or logos-related) because throughout the entire article Robinson clearly makes her claims and the logic behind its reasoning and also uses supporting evidence effectively. Robinson’s position is that African Americans do not speak out or take up for things that will profit the minds of the black community such as the meaningful film Precious based on the novel titled Push by Sapphire. I feel that society makes a big fuss over certain things that are not worth making a fuss over, and we as African Americans need to look past all of the faults in certain situations and grasp the definition behind it.
                    The first claim made by Robinson is that “Everyone seems to have a visceral reaction to the film Precious and the African American images it portrays.” By this, she is stating that the reactions of everyone to the film and its portrait of African Americans are based on instinct and not on reasoning. I solely agree with this, and feel that the negative feedback given about the film is unnecessary. Many people are over thinking and over analyzing this film instead of taking it for face value. The blame for over analyzing is placed upon the society that we currently live in. Our society is so judgmental that there is nothing that we can do without someone looking at us in the wrong way. If the complexion of our skin is too light, someone will talk about it, and likewise if the complexion of our skin is too dark, someone will talk about it. No matter where a person stands on this scale we call life, or how...

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