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Immigration Essay

  • Submitted by: Kaykay561
  • on November 25, 2012
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Crisanti 1

    Do you think the U.S. should have no restrictions on immigration? Well I don’t, I think that they should have restrictions because wages get out of control; American workers struggle to get jobs, and the put pressure on public places. Allow me to further illustrate.
    First of all, immigrants make wages get out of control. For example, highly numbers of immigration of unskilled labor brings high cost to the society leading to depressing wages (par. 7). Allow me to explain, when immigrants that are unskilled and gives labor it causes the state to have to pay money and the society starts to depress. Illegal immigration has flooded America of low-skilled labor (par.7). Immigration labor is done among low-skilled workers who are depressing in their wages (par. 10). I believe immigrants shouldn’t be allowed because they get depressed in their own wages and causes them to get out of control. However immigration policy would not allow the unlimited immigration of unskilled labor in order to depress wages for professionals.
    Crisanti 2
Secondly, American workers struggle to get jobs. For instance, we are facing the worst job market in 25 years (page 1). The number of jobs continues to shrink, it shrunk tremendously and about 15.4 million are looking for jobs (page 1). Majority of the people working in America are immigrants and citizens has to jobs (page 1). I think the immigrants should go work in their country. They should not be allowed to work in the U.S because they are taking all the job openings and citizens don’t have anywhere to work. Immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to receive jobs before citizens.
    Finally yet importantly, immigrants put pressure on public places. For example, they strain local budgets and bring crimes to the community (page1). They come into communities commit crimes and expect not to be deported. Immigrants commit about 15% of the U.S crimes. In addition Mexicans earn at least 3-10 times as much health then...

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