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Implementing Change Report

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Implementing Change Report
Kudler is a fine foods establishment that offers high-end food products for gourmet cooking at an affordable price. We provide wide selection of fresh meats and seafood, fresh produce, cheese, and dairy, wine, pastry’s and bakery. We have locations in San Diego metropolitan area. We have three more stores in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. Like other businesses our goal is to expand as well as build more customer awareness to increase its profits. Kudler wants to build a customer base that will be loyal to their stores. To do this it is important for Kudler to conduct the necessary research needed first to implement this change in the operations department.   Especially, because we aim at a specific market with the type of products we offer. Doing market research can help Kudler stay true to our mission statement that we provide only the best selections.
Change Proposal
The purpose of this change proposal is to better meet the customers’ needs and wants.   Depending on the type of market research done, it could give us information about the customers shopping habits, wants, and needs. It will also provide information about the other businesses in the market. For instance, it can give information about the other similar products, and other companies’ offerings. It can be very beneficial for Kudler to conduct this type of research because it can help us reduce any unnecessary cost we may concur. It can also help us to win over new customers or even create customer loyalty from current customers.   We currently have sufficient marketing strategies to increase loyalty and profitability of consumers. However, the organization can create more strategies to have long lasting success.   According to "How to Develop Marketing Strategy" (2013), “A carefully planned marketing strategy provides continuous benefits to a company” (para.1).  
The loyalty program is an internal research tool that Kudler intends to introduce to their customers. It will...

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