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Implementing Workforce Plans Essay

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Developing and implementing workforce plans
25 October 2010
Page 250 of textbook
Workforce   planning -   this is the method by which a business forecasts its needs for workforce for now and in the future, it then matches up the employees for any new available jobs or recruits externally for any jobs that cannot be filled internally.
So workforce planning needs to anticipate the future staffing needs. The purpose of workforce planning is to try and make sure that the business has the correct number of staff with skills in the correct areas.
  • How many workers are needed
  • What workforce - skilled/ unskilled or full-time/part-time.
  • Predicting staff wastage, so recruitment can happen.
HR departments try to predict staff demand and supply
  • HR departments use managers of departments for help.
  • Past stats are used, to see about the number of employees in the business.
  • Look at the current and future demand for a product. To see if there is any need for more workers. So HR departments use sale forecasts.
  • HR analyse current staff details, to look at any which may retire.
  • The introduction of new technology will normally mean less workers are needed.
  • HR internal staff stock take. They look at the number of employees and their qualities and skills.
HR also look for demand -
  • They check the levels of unemployment to find out how many people are looking for jobs.
  • Local infrastructure - ease of access and transport to the area/ accommodation in the area.
  • Compare the workforce being recruited by similar firms, to see if they are in competition.
Workforce planning includes -
  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Retaining
Once a HR department has decided what new staff the business needs, they recruit. They make a Job Description including the main roles and responsibilities of the job including job and salary. They Also write a person Specification.   Detailing the qualities...

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