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Importance of Value Skills Essay

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Below is an essay on "Importance of Value Skills" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Some of the value skills that I think are important are Time Management, Organisation, Communication and Interpersonal Savvy.   In tech jobs, you have to be aware of your time because many times, your client is relying on you to fix something in a speedy fashion.   Also, many jobs are pay by the hour.   If you are doing some type of website project, your client should be able to clearly see the progress you have made from hour 1 to hour 2.   If they can't, or you can't give them an explanation, then more than likely, you are not managing your time efficiently.  

Organisation is very similar to time management, but it's also different.   If you've ever taken a coding class you know that organisation is the key to fixing any mistakes.   If you don't have comments that describe what was previously stated or what will be stated, then you won't be able to find anything.   This is just on example, but an unorganised person will disrupt work in any aspect of technology.

Communication is essential in the technology field.   You must have strong written and oral communications.   Many times your clients will be contacted via email because they're more available there, rather than on the phone or in person.   If you are unable to communicate effectively, you will wind up not knowing what the client wants or needs.   This will waste time and money, as well as ruin your reputation.

The last thing that I think is important, is interpersonal savvy.   Interpersonal skills should be strong, ESPECIALLY in any client-facing position.   You must be able to handle situations in a mature manner and understand when you are upsetting someone.   You must be able to read clients tone of voice, and facial expressions.   You must be understanding when something was not finished correctly, or on time.  

Although there are many value/non-technical skills that you need, these are some of the most important, I personally think, everyone should try to develop to achieve their goals.

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