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Important Essay

  • Submitted by: kimbej0001
  • on October 24, 2010
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Huykim Hoeurng
English- 101
Research: The Art of Teaching

When I was in Cambodia, I have heard lot of people going to the US for study. One of my friends is going to study in the US. He told me that study in America and in Cambodia is so different. I was very eager to know about it. He told me the main difference is: The relationship between teacher and student, and study policy.
First of all, to respect teachers is very important in Cambodia. Students have to respect their teachers. When they attend school every student has to respect teachers by standing up. They are not allowed to argue with teachers. If they try to do argue with teachers then they must thrown out of the class or may be out of the school. While here in America students call their names and disrespect teachers. I like one thing most that here students has to change room to attend the classes but in Cambodia teachers have to change the room to teach the students which is very unhealthy for students.
In addition to respect of teaching, I remember when I was in my country. Everybody in Cambodia has his own position in society. The younger generation must obey and respect the older generation. When we meet a person who is older than us, the way we greet him is by bowing our head a little to show our politeness. The words we say to greet older people are also different from what we say to our friends. We definitely can’t talk to our teacher as if she is one of our friends. However, the teacher in American can offer students a friendly relationship. You can also just say “hi“ shortly and friendly to an old person you know without making him feel insulted at all.
Finally, Policies in Cambodian schools/collages are same for students. It is very unusual for Cambodian students to different policies from different professors. Policies like: Attendance policy, exam policy, grading policy. In America schools aren’t strict for students. They can take as many leaves as they want. The Cambodian...

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