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Important Person In Life Essay

  • Submitted by: jinesh53
  • on November 12, 2010
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                    Most important person in my life                                                            
Everyone in the world has someone special, someone they look up to in the time of joy and sorrow. Such person can be called as the center of the gravity of the one’s life. Most of the time this idol can be found in a mother ,father ,husband ,wife or boyfriend which are closest of them all, but in my case it is someone else. I do not share blood relationship with that person, but she means everything to me, whatever I have done and achieved here in united states is because of her. She is my best friend Pooja who understands me better than others that’s why she is at the center of my world.
I still remember the day when we met for the first time. In March of 2001, my cousin graduated and my uncle invited us for a small gathering. Fortunately I went there because I hate parties and I dint have any friends with whom I could enjoy. My whole family members and relatives were invited for party so my parents wanted that I would meet them and know each other, specially my mom was angry on me and forced me.                                                                                    
There were 200 people turned up for the occasion but, in a small corner of the big hall there was a girl standing alone while all the others, were having a chat each other. Very first time she just look at me and gave me a smile, I didn’t smile at all and it was really rude as I never talk to strangers. My uncle introduced me to this girl, pooja .At that time we had a very small chat. Incidentally Pooja with her family shifted in our society. As it was unknown neighborhood my father told me to help her in dealing with the things around.   After some frequent visits I got to know her more closely. she was really mature and understanding unlike me, this quality of hers really impressed me and helped me as well, as I needed someone to show and tell me the right...

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