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Improving Quality Of Study Time Essay

  • Submitted by: starbuckschick
  • on November 18, 2010
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Below is an essay on "Improving Quality Of Study Time" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Improving Quality of Study Time
Improving your quality of study time can be easier than you think. Many students view this task as a very hard and complicated process, when in reality it can be done with short easy techniques. Throughout the years of school kids must attend, they learn and adapt ways to make studying easier and faster. Although these ways may make it faster for the student it may mean they do not learn as much or as in depth as other students. There are techniques for before, during, and after reading that everyone should incorporate into their schedule. There are also techniques for scheduling, memory, and stopping procrastination. If students absorb and try these techniques when trying to study they should improve their knowledge and maybe even their grade in that subject.
Students tend to read the material and then forget about it until right before an exam or test. Then they try to cram all their studying into the night before and relearn the material they have not looked at in a while. While this may work for a few students, there are better techniques out there to do before, during, and after reading; if the students apply these techniques, it has shown to improve their knowledge and ability to recall information during tests or exams. Before reading, you should always preview, outline, and question. Previewing is when you first get a reading assignment, you should go through the section and find vocabulary, titles/sub headings, and pictures/diagrams. They should also look for familiar concepts to help comprehension by linking old facts with new. This step should not take longer than 5 minutes, so it is a very fast easy step. Many reading sections provide an outline of the chapter; if not, you may have to do this mentally or write it down yourself. This technique actively organizes your thoughts which make complex information easier to understand. The final step before the student reads is to question. They must think about what they want...

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