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In Denial of Life and Hope Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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“In Denial of Hope and Life”
During the 1920’s, American literature was deeply rooted in the general atmosphere and attitudes ascribed to the time following World War I.   The writers of this epoch constructed stories figuratively “saturated in a dense syrup of hopelessness and despair.” Among many such novels of this time was Ernest Hemingway’s illustrious work, The Sun Also Rises.   In this masterpiece, Hemingway incorporated many key facets of the 1920’s in order to create what the New York Times called “an absorbing, beautifully and tenderly absurd, heart-breaking narrative…” (The New York Times).   This novel attends to the idea that life during this time had become empty and disillusioned for people, particularly those who partook in the war.   In order to escape the hallow conditions of their lives, “…they tried to fill their lives with sensual pleasures and, thereby, avoid the death they knew was inevitable” (TSAR Packet 3). With this, it is safe to say that this novel indeed denied the notion of “hope” and “life”.   In short, Ernest Hemingway’s renowned work entitled, The Sun Also Rises, certainly denies life and tends to end on a note of despair.   The affects of Jake Barnes’ injury, the novel’s constant mention and implication of alcohol abuse, and Brett’s short-lived relationships all help in supporting this argument.
To begin with, through the course of the novel, Jake, the narrator, takes on a sullen and gloomy manner and tone.   In many instances Jake symbolizes the people of this time period whose lives were full of despair.   In essence, Jake and his injury were the hopelessness and dissatisfaction of the post World War I era.   Jake’s manner and condition are a great example of the denial of life portrayed by this novel for his life is shrouded by his wartime injury. Readers discover Jakes injury when he converses with the prostitute, Georgette.   In response to her question, Jake states, "I got hurt in the war." "Oh, that dirty war" (Hemingway 17)....

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