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Independence Day (Film) Essay

  • Submitted by: enisss
  • on November 24, 2012
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Independence Day
This movie is like most other man meets alien stories and   how I know in this kind of movies weaker side always win and thats humans.
This is science fiction movie and main characet is Captain Steven Hiller (Will Smith).
The story begins with the approach of a series of massive spaceships to main citys all over   U.S.
These spaceships   have not come in peace and they unleashed powerful weapons that destroy most of the worlds major cities. Thrown into chaos the survivors struggle to band together and put up last resistance in order to save the human race.Then when the world strikes back the alien ships are invincible to normal weapon systems.
After that president of U.S. ordered to atack them with nuclear wepon but it didnt worked.
When the U.S. goverments typical strategie like nuke the hell out of them fails.
Satellite technician for a television network discovers how to penetrate the mother ship circling in orbit using the alien ship that had crashed in the forties. With the aid of Captain Steven Hiller (Will Smith) they went into spaceship to launch a computer virus to turn off the invaders shields.
On the other side huge group of jet planes are heading towards to the mother ship to attack it.David Levinson and Captain Steven Hiller succeeded to lunch the virus in the spaceship and shield didnt work anymore.And finally they destroyed the ship and saved the world.
I think in this movie America just wanted to show the world how really they powerful are.And for their people to think they really are that powerful even other species from another planet and civilization cant beat them.
I mean really? Im not talking just about Americans Im talking about all humanity.The irony is we all afraid of this moment and we all know in real life if this would happen we would probably be dead, but we still make movies like this to feel better.
I mean even if there is someone else out there in space and someday they attack us how on earht would we beat...

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