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Indian Life Essay

  • Submitted by: PickTehWifey
  • on October 27, 2010
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I dropped my backpack down, said a quick 'hello' to my mother and booted up my

computer. I quickly signed onto my e-mail, looking for my magical lengthy e-mail. Losing the e-mail

more than once, my eyes finally landed on the e-mail but before I could lose the e-mail again, I hastily

double clicked on the e-mail and began to uncover a Indian Life story. Mrs. Lalwani Hull, age 32

Emigrated from India and has been living in America now for a few years, with a Master's in banking

and finance, in her possession.

India, has a population of one billion, one thousand and sixty six, a hundred and seventy

nine, and two hundred seventeen, and it is the second country comparison to the world (CIA.gov).   A

diverse culture and booming business, food and language, it is also known as the country that Mr.

Gandhi fought for, without the use of violence in 1947 (CIA). Qutab Minar, located in New Delhi, is

the world's largest free standing brick and stone minaret (CIA). There are about three major religions in

India, Hinduism, Muslim, Christian, and Sikh. Hinduism being the major religion practiced in India

(CIA). Food in India is complemented with other foods. In India, it is quite uncommon for leftovers to

be eaten, what is made or bought for that day, for that meal, is usually consumed that same day

(asianinfo.org). Every ingredient, is a vial and very important to the dish being prepared. The spices,

and even the oil used, whether it be Mustard oil from the north and Coconut oil from the south, it just

depends on the dish being prepared (asianinfo.org). Clothing in India is divided into, two categories,

Men and Women. For men, it is casual for them to be found in long shirt, usually ending at the knees,

or a wrap that goes around the waist, and tied at the waist and ankles. For women, its a traditional Sari,

which is a five or six yard, rectangular cloth made out of silk or cotton that has different...

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