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Injunctions and Counterinjunctions Essay

  • Submitted by: robcostigan
  • on November 24, 2012
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What is meant by the terms – Injunctions, counterinjunctions, Early decisions and Script matrix
I have often wondered why it is that I have always maintained great relationships with other people while often feeling unhappy in myself and why I have always felt the need to follow a slightly eccentric dress code.   TA structure allows us to make some sense of why we are as we are. This essay will focus on four integral part of this structure injunctions, counterinjunctions, early decision and script matrix and hopes to make some sense of them.
Injunctions are generally thought of as being the pre-verbal messages (although injunctions can be added to a persons life script in early verbal childhood) that a person receives from primary care givers Child ego state, through behaviour and interactions which then are translated by the individual into a set of rules for survival in the world.   These rules/injunctions are set up through the process of making early decisions about the world and the people they need for protection based on the messages given to the individual (Widdowson 2010).
As injunctions most often pre verbal a person injunctions are stored within the Child ego state and within therapy may me difficult for a client to verbalise as they are often held as feelings and sensations of their somatic child.
Mary and Bob Goulding set out a series of twelve injunctions based on their most common experiences with clients, however it is important to realise that the list is by no means definitive and that it is often useful to get clients to verbalise their own version of an injunction that may be subtly unique to them.

Don’t exist – could be due to a parents Child not wanting to have another drain on her attention, and this message is transmitted to the child.
Don’t feel – When primary caregivers don’t healthily express feelings or keep feelings.
Don’t think – This injunctions may come from a parents Child that continually belittles the thought...

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