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Inner Beauty Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Regina Smith

Mrs. Kim Cook


Inner Beauty

A few of the many traits that I have are confidence, curiosity, cautiousness, and generosity. I am not only confident because of how I approach a situation, but also how I handle the situation. Curiosity is a trait I possess because I am not afraid to try new things. Whenever something new is thrown my way I don’t knock it till I try it. To me being cautious is my main motto in life. I use it in everyday situations that come my way. Being cautious helps me in every aspect of my life because it helps me think about the consequences that are followed by my actions. Generosity is an act of unselfishness. To be generous you must have the willingness to give or share. Generosity is a trait that I have because I enjoy making other people happy. The traits that I have make me who I am and that alone make me different from everyone else.  
I am completely different outside of school compared to who I am inside of school. I am the type of people who cares more for other people’s sake then my own. In saying this, sometimes I put other people’s happiness in front of mine. One of my hobbies is reading. When I am reading it is like I am in a completely different world almost as if I am in the main characters shoes living there life and experiencing their journeys. Another hobby that I own would be hanging out with my friends. I enjoy being able to be around people that understand me, and knowing that I don’t have to be anyone but myself and that is more than enough for me. Outside of school I think about numerous things; many of those things include grades, friends, drama, family, and pretty much everyday life.  
As a student I would evaluate myself as being a good one. When it comes to doing homework or turning something in I always get it done and turn it in on time. When learning a subject is involved I try my best to fully grasp what the teacher is trying to get across. As a student I find it important to...

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