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Inproving an Organization Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Improving Organizational Performance Simulation Paper

Barbara A. Harris
PSY 428 Organizational Psychology
October 20, 2012

Companies today are successful and some companies are unsuccessful. When it comes to job satisfaction, it is a touchy subject because everyone one is different and have thoughts on how a job should be done. Job satisfaction is how a person feels about their job. The owner of the company Air Devil wants to make the company better. The company use to win all kinds of awards two years ago and now the staff is unhappy; she wants to come up with some changes for the company.
There may be many recommendations on how to influence organizational performance in a positive way, the central of which calls to pay attention to the stress in any profession.   If the indicator of productivity drops and the staff shows signs of dissatisfaction, the key role of the employer is to determine stressful factors evident at the workplace. This should be the starting point of the organizational change, which is aimed at producing a more likeable climate for work, more motivating environment, and increase employee satisfaction. As it has been seen in the simulation about the Air Devils Inc., Company, the initial steps taken by the owner was to understand the real reasons for employee dissatisfaction.   It turned out to be multiple reasons ranging from staff being underpaid to inequality of opportunity and selectivity of access to benefits offered by the company. It turned out that that people who work there are highly motivated regarding the type of job they do. The representatives of the stunt group, those who conduct the major part of work in the company and those who work the hardest are not respected according to the level of their contribution to the company. In addition, they complain of a limited number of opportunities as they think they can perform better.

The first problem of the organization is the staff is bored of doing the same stunts, they...

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