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Instruments Essay

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  • on November 9, 2010
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Hey guys! This was the best I could do. My paper sucks. Haha. I’m having trouble finding information! I’ve been working on it some more though, and will e-mail you guys later tonight or tomorrow when I find more information.
During the English Renaissance, instruments were considered less important than voices. Most instruments simply accompanied dances and vocal music to enhance the presentation or song. Although, some composers soon began to take interest in building new instruments and constructing music for instruments.
Instruments developed in the Renaissance:
Lute: held the highest respect of all instruments. This is instrument was extremely popular. This instrument usually accompanied soft instruments, solo instruments, and this instrument was included in many Renaissance paintings.
Viol: The viols were bowed instruments with frets. They were usually played held downwards on the lap or between the legs. The tone is very quiet, yet distinct. Court musicians usually use them and often used during weddings.
The crumhorn was turned out of a length of wood, which was then bored out, filled with sand, plugged, and the lower end steamed (to soften it) and finally bent into a half circle. The curve is decorative only, having nothing to do with the sound. The curved bell section of many surviving instrument is hollowed out to form a more or less conical foot, which has the effect of raising the volume.
The reed comprises a thin strip of cane, folded over and bound to the staple (a short tube) inserted into the top of the wooden pipe. When the reed is blown through, it vibrates, causing a standing wave to develop in the bore of the crumhorn. Pitch is governed not only by the length of the pipe down to the open finger holes, but also by breath pressure, so that the crumhorns are played at a fixed dynamic level. Variations in pitch from changes in breathing are like the change in pitch of a bagpipe chanter as the player starts to fill the bag. Blow...

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