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International Business Strategy Essay

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Diaz (Cooper (1971) has suggested the possibility of devaluation in seminal papers. Devaluation may occur from the aggregate demand side the trade balance may worsen if the price elasticity of export and import demands are too low or if the initial trade balance is in deep deficit. , Devaluation reduces aggregate demand by raising the domestic price level through higher prices of imported goods and thereby lowering the real Money balance (Frenkel and Johnson, 1976). Another channel is a redistribution of income from low saving groups (wages) to high saving groups (profits) (Krugman and Taylor, 1978). Devaluation can work through the supply-side channels as well. It raises the price of imported intermediate goods, indexation, and wages, resulting in an upward shift in the aggregate supply. However a currency can be weakened either directly or indirectly depending on the government intentions even though at times it’s a tough instance but which however might have an economic impact on the country.
However the key to economic growth is demand for good and services in this case increase in demand in demand for good and services give rise to economic growth by triggering the production of goods and services increase or decrease in demand for good and services are behind the rise and decline in the economy production of goods and services on order to keep the economy going which going policies must ne asserted. However the demand for domestic product emanates from overseas which is being labeled as export likewise local residents exercise demand for goods and services   produced overseas which is import ,in this case increase in export give rise to overall demand for domestic output an increase in import weakens demand hence rise in export contributes to economic growth while import causes the distractions in economic growth however overseas demand for   a country’s good   and services is another factor to be considered in the setting pace for economic growth   when good are...

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