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Interpersonal Communication Essay

  • Submitted by: nataliakaraulova
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Natalia Karaulova
Interpersonal communication
Instructor: Flora Meyer

                                    Intercultural Communication
Intercultural communication is very tricky thing; it has so many sides and details. Just as many cultures are there out in the world, so many specific ways of communication exist. Traditions and customs, language and intonation, mimics and gestures – that’s what makes different; that’s what makes intercultural communication an art.
  On one hand cultures can be so far apart, that communication will be really difficult for the representatives of two cultures. On the other hand people can have just enough of the same language, some of similar traditions, and open mind, of course, to make the communication clear and easy.
  I find Intercultural relationships extremely interesting. And I was lucky in my life to have quite a few chances to communicate, live together and become friends with people from different cultures. Probably, one of the most interesting and valuable life experiences I’ve ever had, were those I got through interacting and building the relationship with people from other country and culture. It’s not always happy and pleasant, sometimes you have some disappointments and upsets, but that is what it takes to learn, appreciate, laugh, get med and get that precious cultural experience.
  For this paper I chose the relationship with my boyfriend. The cultures which collapsed are Ukrainian and Latin-American. Looking through chapter again I actually seriously realized things and problems we have in communication, which I noticed before, but did not have the right explanation for. I knew, of course, that we had a lot of differences in our points of view, different perception of thing, and understanding of situation due to our cultural background. But I didn’t know about different concepts of distinguishing cultures, those like: Low vs. High context, Individualism vs. Collectivism and other. So I tried to go step by...

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