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Interpreting Dreams Essay

  • Submitted by: tigergirl92690
  • on November 16, 2010
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Some people believe that dreams mean everything and are a path directly to our unconscious mind. However, some people also believe that dreams are just random images created by electrical activity in the brain. Based on my own personal experience I’m forced to believe that neither of these two theories is entirely true.

I’ve had dreams of my fears and phobias coming to life. Dreams where I lose all of my teeth because I pushed on them too hard or dreams where I arrive at school and sit down in my class only to suddenly realize I’m not wearing any clothes. I’ve had dreams where I get exactly what I want out of life and I wake up sad that it was only a dream and that I in fact did not win the lottery nor do I drive a sports car.

These dreams make sense and coincide with Freud’s theory that dreams are wishes fulfilled. These wishes can be either good or bad depending on whether we think deserve rewards of punishment. That is all good and well but unless one of my wishes is to dream dreams that make absolutely no sense at all then I can’t except that some of my crazier dreams fit that particular theory.

I once had a dream a friend of mine named William was playing the drums on top of a giant wooden pedestal in the middle of a muddy river, in the jungle. When I discovered him there after climbing up a rope to the pedestal he told me that the drums he was playing controlled the natural rhythm of the world and that if he were to stop playing those drums the world would lose rhythm and spin out of control into the sun.  

I fully accept that dream as a random occurrence of weird imagery. The only place I could see that it would fit Freud’s theory is that I would be afraid if someone as stupid as William controlled the fate of the planet. Short of that though it meant nothing. I could talk about my nonsense dreams for hours.

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It is also said that dreams of a sexual nature have nothing at all...

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