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Interview with Srecial Learner Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Professor Monheit
SED 516- November 6, 2012

Interview with Caregiver of a Child with a Disability

Joseph is a boy who is 8.1 years old; he is the oldest of four siblings, three brothers and one sister.   Joseph is enrolled in a regular Ed school and has twenty classmates.  
I had a telephone interview with Josephs’ mother and was told that Joseph was born full term and a normal delivery. He was conceived after she had undergone infertility treatment for four years.   She described this infancy as extremely difficult as Joseph spent most of his waking hours crying or just fussing in her arms. He had difficulty falling asleep and woke many times throughout the night.   Josephs’ mother explained that as a toddler Joseph would prefer talking rather than playing with his toys.   On the occasions that he did play with his toys he would never play with the same toy for long periods at a time.  
When Joseph was entering preschool his parents opted to put him into a nearby playgroup rather than a large school as they felt that, one on one supervision may be beneficial for Joseph. Joseph had a wild imagination and would do many queer things such as undress on his neighbor’s trampoline and climb a street sign when he was three years old.   At that point Josephs parents had him evaluated by the Board of Education and Joseph was found to be up to par for his fine and gross motor skills, double his age scholastically and as 18 months socially. He was given play therapy 3 times a week.
Josephs’ condition did not improve and Joseph was entering first grade. His parents had him evaluated by top psychiatrist in Manhattan. Joseph was diagnosed with ADHD and was prescribed Ritalin once a day.   Joseph would throw tantrums every morning before school as his parents would attempt to give him his medicine.   They tried threats and bribes to get him to take his medicine and the morning routine in Josephs’ house was chaotic.
Joseph did not perform well is school as the...

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