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Intriguing Controversy of a Hero Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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The Intriguing Controversy of a Hero
    In today’s society, anyone who does something good regardless of how small is recognized as a hero. While the word “hero” should be deemed, appropriate for those people who have truly made a difference in an individual’s life. Today’s society is always searching for the next hero, as broadcasting a headline including the word “hero” intrigues and pulls people in. There is confusion in today’s society, just because someone does the right thing does not mean they should be deemed such a high title; this is where diluting the term is recognized most. To be a true hero means to act under extraordinary and at times dangerous situations or circumstances while leaving their mark as a lesson for all and an inspiration to society and the upcoming generations.
    The true definition of a hero is a person, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. However, “courage was seen as necessary but insufficient to meet the archaic standard of heroism. In military terms, for example, a soldier might courageously face death, but this differed from choosing to go “into the heart of battle” or to act “above and beyond the call of duty” (Zimbardo, P.G., 2007b, pp.461-462). Nevertheless, there are so many more attributes required to deem people a “hero” in today’s society. For instance, according to Psychology Today (2012), Psychologist Ervin Staub states, “heroism requires physical courage, or both moral and physical courage. Moral courage means acting on ones values in the face of potential or actual opposition and negative consequences”. Examples of this can be speaking up for someone that is being degraded racially and/or sexual among other degrading words, caring beyond ones immediate circle, motivators that encourage values and standards on a learn by doing basis. These are true acts of heroism that are deemed appropriate to the quote “to be a man for others” (Fr. Arrupe, P., Jesuit Superior...

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