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Intro Essay

  • Submitted by: erinchai44
  • on November 12, 2010
  • Category: Psychology
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Having a child and starting a family is one of the most important things couples dream about and plan on when they are together. Most times children are what complete their lives. What would you do if you found out that your newborn child was born with a fatal disease? Then to top this off you are told that the only chance for a cure would be a bone marrow or other organ donation from an exact genetic match like another sibling. Would you have another child to save the first? There are so many controversies out there. Those against creating “savior siblings” will disagree and say that savior siblings should be banned because they are not treated as people but more so treated as means, ends and commodities. They feel that creating a savior sibling will lead to people wanting to create designer babies: which are babies designed how they want them to look and act. They also feel that creating savior siblings have an emotional psychological affect on the sibling that was created to save their sick sibling. On the other side of this debate families are faced with this dilemma a lot nowadays. No parent wants to lose their child. When parents are told that having another child to provide their sick child with a potentially fatal disease that will help cure them instead of giving that child a lifelong duration of medical work ups and eventually leading to death they will most likely agree to it. This practice definitely is not without controversy but as medicine advances, more and more people are likely to be faced with such complex ethical decisions.

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