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Introduction to Psychology: Comprehension Essay

  • Submitted by: sampsonsilver
  • on November 25, 2012
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Introduction to Psychology: Comprehension

  In psychology, there are many different factors involved that can shape individuals behaviour. In order to understand the complexity of human behaviour, psychologists have developed many different approaches to try and outline what shapes our behaviour from birth and even before. Here are 5 of the main approaches studied in psychology:
  * Biological
  * Psychodynamic
  * Behaviourist
  * Cognitive
  * Humanistic/phenomenological
The three I will be choosing are; Biological, Behaviourist and Cognitive.

Biological Approach:
  The biological approach has many theories within it, and has been a popular approach in recent years as technology has allowed further study into human DNA. But this approach goes back further than humans at present. Within the biological approach is ‘socio-biology’. This approach takes strong influence from Darwin’s theory of evolution and supports the idea that our behaviour is pre-determined by our genes and we act according to the rules of ‘survival of the fittest’. A good example of this would be a parent protecting his or her child and thus ensuring the survival of their genes. But this is considered by some as a Eurocentric view and cannot always offer explanations for human behaviour and some cultures. An example contrary to this would be when a family decides to adopt and commit to protecting and supporting a child that does not share the same genes. Another issue would be the fact that socio-biology supports male dominant role and its aggression, also supporting the survival of an individual’s family or ‘group’ at the cost of others. Another area within the biological approach that shares Darwin’s theory of evolution would be ‘comparative psychology’. This approach supports the study of animal behaviour in their natural surroundings through observational study, contrary to the behaviourist approach that uses artificial experiments to understand animal behaviour. These...

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