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Introductory Awareness of Sensory Loss Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Introductory Awareness of Sensory Loss

There are many different factors which can have a positive and negative impact on individuals with sensory loss;
Methods of communication and awareness play a big role in this-
Positive impact - there are various ways that hearing impaired people can communicate well such as sign language, lip reading, body language, pictures etc.
Negative impact - these methods rely on the co-operation of others e.g learning to sign, facing individuals when speaking, speaking clearly, not treating them as fools or finding their disability funny etc.
Further positive factors that could impact on individuals lives range from increased help, aids for support and a good support team could give them a better outlook on life. However, negative factors such as difficulty in feeding themselves, dressing, mobility, bobbie and interests can have major impact on their lives. People with sensory loss can also miss out on important information that others take in everyday without even realising.

There are various steps that can be taken to overcome the negative factors or sensory loss.
Some examples are;
Make sure that areas are clear of obstacles that and individual with sight impairment might trip over or bump into.
Take an individual who has a hearing impairment to a quiet, well lit area to talk.
Make sure that hearing aids are working or that glasses prescriptions are updated.
Make them aware of all the different groups and organisations that can help them challenge any discrimination and explain why it is wrong.
Be sure to address the person appropriately instead of talking over them as if they are not there. Also, in a similar situation, tell someone who is addressing you rather than the individual to speak directly to them.
Use posters, leaflets and social activities to inform the public.

Individuals with sensory loss can be disabled by the attitude of not being capable. People and/or society can place limitations...

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