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Ipact of Technology in Healthcare Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Ipact of Technology in Healthcare" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Table of Contents.

  1. Introduction. Page 2.
  2. Internet. Page 2.
  3. X-rays. Page 2.
  4. Prosthesis. Page 3.
  5. Lasers. Page 3.
  6. MRI Scanners = Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Page 3.
  7. Conclusion. Page 3.
  8. Bibliography. Page 4.

Impact of Technology in the Healthcare Environment.

Technology is the study of applied science and mechanical arts. This knowledge is used to invent machines or devices to make things easier to do. (Wiki answers.com) Medical technology helps in diagnosing and giving therapeutic help to patients.

2. Internet.
Through the use of the internet, information is transferred via e-mail from the doctor to the hospital consultant much quicker than the old post system. This leads to quicker appointments for the patient.
In recent weeks a new online system was introduced for patients who need to see a neurologist in St. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin. The system is known as the Neurolink system and was introduced by Professor Niall Tubridy. GPs fill out an electronic form with the patient’s details. The neurologist views the form and sends a reply and offers advice as to whether or not they needs to see the patient. This system speeds up waiting lists as not all patients seen by GPs need to go to the outpatients. If symptoms persist then the GP can re-refer the patient. (Irish Independent, Wednesday 17th October 2012.)

3. X-rays.
X-rays make it easier for medical staff to diaganose injuries. X-rays are used to look for fractures. They are also used to examine organs and identify problems like lung infections. They also show problems with teeth and problems with bones such as osteoporosis. Chest x-rays identify heart conditions such as heart disease.

4. Prosthesis.
A prosthesis is a n artificial device which is made to replace a missing limb e.g arm or leg. Dentures are dental prosthesis. Women who have had a mastectomy get a breast...

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