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Is Australia Racist Essay

  • Submitted by: Batterz
  • on November 17, 2013
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Year 10 History Essay
Question: “Australia is, and always has been a racist country”
We all have to agree that from the time that Australia was colonized till the 1960’s ish Australia has being a racist country, we have kicked out the previous owners, we have rejected Asians an only let white people in, through government schemes such as the white people only policy. My 3 topics im gonna work on are Laws, Government policys and the peoples culture.

Firstly the laws of Australia could be considered racist by the way you look at them, however up until recently the laws have being down right racist to people who aren’t white, for example after WW2 the Australian government activated a scheme which only wanted white people in Australia an if you weren’t white then you were kicked out, they used tatics were officials would go around an test people they thought weren’t Australian an they would use tatics that they knew would stuff them up, so it gave them the power to kick them out. Even before federation was formed Australia was racist, when the white man came we kicked out the habits of Australia called the Aboriginals an said that this land belonged to no one. There is so much more racist things in the history of Australia.

Furthermore the government of Australia has being the root of most of the racist problems in Australia as they have created the policy’s which have caused anger an violence in this country, from the only white people scheme to the decision to work on kicking out the rest of the population, to not taking in Asylum seekers, the list goes on an on. However one of the worst things I feel that Australia has done was the stolen generation, this time of our history I would say Is our darkest, it was when the government tried to extinguish the Aboriginal colour an look from the world, they would come an take the children away from there parents, like kidnap them an take them to these camps were they would be trained to be white ect. In class we...

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