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Is Socrates a Believable Character Essay

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  • on November 19, 2013
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Is Socrates a Believable Character?
Socrates, as most know, is a man famous for offending Athenian beliefs during 4th century BC. Philosophy was not accepted at this time therefore many believed Socrates rambled on about nonsense. Although this seemed like nonsense to people living in Athens at the time, Socrates still voiced his opinion as his love for philosophy was more important then what was said of him. As history shows, Socrates is a believable character as the Apology written by Plato has many examples showing he truly is philosophical and wise. In sections 21a, and 28e, examples can be found of what it means to be philosophical from the view of God and Socrates and how he fits the profile. Sections 33b, and 33d, can be used as examples of how Socrates’ wisdom has influenced those who chose to learn from him. Lastly in section 29b, and 32a Socrates speaks the truth and part of philosophy means to investigate the truth, therefore by him speaking (of) the truth it makes him wise.
In 4th century BC Gods and oracles play a big role in society as they have a huge influence on how people choose to live and act. Taking this into consideration, when the oracle at Delphi claims Socrates to be the wisest man alive, Socrates becomes determined to find what it truly means to be wise. After meeting with the three men who are considered to be the wisest men in Athens, Socrates realizes they are not wise as shown in this quote “but he thinks he knows something when he does not, whereas when I do not know, neither do I think I know; so I am likely to be wiser than he to this small extent, that I do not think I know what I do not know” (Apology 21d). Once Socrates comes to that conclusion, the oracle claims Socrates is correct as s/he says “(t)his man among you, mortals, is wisest who, like Socrates, understands that his wisdom is worthless” (Apology 23b). Apart from proving he is in fact wise compared to other people, Socrates proves he is wise when the idea of death...

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