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Isolating Amylase Producing Bacteria from Soil Sample Essay

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Practical 14:
Bacterial amylase test

  1.0 Objective

      2.1 To isolate amylase producing bacteria
      2.2 To demonstrate amylase activity

  2.0 Introduction

The early detection of small percentage of useful microorganisms that are presence in the soil and water can be screened primarily for detection and isolation of only those microorganisms that are of interest from among the large microbial population. Many successful industrial fermentation processes heavily depend on enzymes from microorganisms.
Bacterial amylase refers to the bacterial version of the enzyme as apposed to the human amylase that is used in digestion, notably found in the saliva where it begins the chemical process of digestion. Amylase is a type of an enzyme which catalyzes the breakdown of starch into sugars. This type of bacteria can be found widely in soil.

  3.0 Materials

      4.3 Bacterial sample: Obtained from soil
      4.4 Chemicals: starch agar, alcohol, iodine solution, methylene blue, simple staining kit
      4.5 Others: Boiling tubes with cotton plugs, tripod and wire gauze, beakers, Pasteur pipette, bent glass rod (hockey stick) spreaders, spatula, slides, and microscopes

  4.0 Method
  A. Isolation of amylase producing bacterial strains from the soil

        4.1.2 About 100g of soil was obtained from the environment.
        4.1.3 A little soil placed in a boiling tube with a spatula and then added with 50 ml of tap of water and closed with a cotton plug.
        4.1.4 The tubes then aerated to break up the particles of soil.
        4.1.5 A heat treatment was performed on the test tubes at 80˚C, 90˚C and 100˚C for periods of 10, 20, and 30 minutes and then allowed to cool under running tap water.
        4.1.6 A drop of heat soaked soil suspension placed on a starch agar plate with a sterile Pasteur pipette and spread with a sterile bent glass rod (this step performed with all nine boiling tubes)
        4.1.7 The...

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