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It 261 Unit 1 Assignment Essay

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Unit 1 Assignment
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IT261-01: Database Management

History of the Windows Operating Systems

The Microsoft Windows Operating System has been around for what seems like forever, it was around when I was a smaller child only I do not remember it because computers were not as common as they are now. You cannot go anywhere without seeing some sort of platform being run by some sort of Windows OS. There are some that will still argue that Microsoft is running a monopoly within the Operating System market (McKenzie & II, 1998). In the following paper I am going to discuss the history of the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Microsoft was formed as a partnership in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, they started out as a small company and they envisioned that every home would eventually have a desktop computer (Microsoft, 2013). Little did they know how their little company would “take off” and revolutionize the world of computers and help put computers in virtually every home and business.   Microsoft has even reached out globally, I have seen versions of windows in a third world country where there is barely any infrastructure. Although it was an older version of windows than what we use today it is still windows none-the-less.

Gates and Allen’s vision starts to become a reality in 1980 when they enlist Steve Ballmer to help run the company. A month after the arrival of Ballmer, IBM asks Microsoft to help with their project which is dubbed “Chess”. Microsoft starts to focus on the software that manages and runs the computer which is the Operating System. The end result of their work is MS-DOS, which is introduced on IBM PC’s. This would end up being the start of something great for Microsoft, and change the world forever.

The first Windows OS was released in 1985 it was named Windows 1.0. This version of an operating system users no longer had to use MS-DOS commands to run their computers. The user...

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