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It Is All About Money Essay

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Sileiny Cristina Arauz
Professor Lila Balla
Managerial Economics
October 25th, 2010
It is all about Money
The politic societies surrender to the most popular spectacles in the world, tend to be full of mediocrity that do not let them conceive how they are going to   pass from the calmness to the storms. The capitalism under the modern structure in the market, has obtained a perfect submission from the people around the world. It eliminates the social responsibility in the job; the moral accountability of the mass production of goods and services, and it suppresses the conscience ability of nations where only the most important action seems to be the creation of more and more money, without taking care of the only place where humans can have life, the earth. The humans have forgotten their place in this planet and have forgotten that they are not the owners of it, but instead that they belong to it. They began to think only in themselves more than in the common well of the place where they live, because they both need from each other to survive. This is how the documental, The Corporation, has an accurate and valuable investigation of how corporations or psychopaths, as described by the film, destroy our lives while becoming the richest people in the world. According with the analogies of this documental, corporations are compared with monsters, with men of two heads, with Frankenstein, with a shark, and others. They are machines that consume resources, and privatize these resources to generate or steal wealth.   These corporations, with rights and legal protections like the ones that a normal person has, do not care about the quality of their products to give good value to the costumers’ money; do not care about the size market share   for the service of the people; do not care about globalization for providing the good service or products to other, or the trade and exchange products with emphasis in the economic future of both nations; instead, they are cruel...

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