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It Is Elementary My Dear Watson! Essay

  • Submitted by: aosteen
  • on November 25, 2012
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It is Elementary My Dear Watson!
As a spirited child in elementary school, I was very hyperactive and could not sit in one spot for more than a country minute. One day, I was not able to stay in my seat; Mrs. Jepson my grade school teacher had a special place in the back of the classroom where she would tape my hands and feet together.   If she got too frustrated with me, she would send me outside to play. Carol Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology of Success shows how labels can deeply affect the way you lead your life. She wrote about two different types of mindsets; for example, those with a fixed mindset have to prove themselves to others that they are intelligent and put together. The growth mindset is about learning, changing, and moving forward.  
Carol Dweck and Mike Arose use examples from their own experiences while they were in school, in addition to studying and working with their own students as a teacher. Dweck gave the example of a fixed mindset in her early school age; she became consumed with the goal in looking smart and not looking dumb and proving herself in the classroom, because her teacher believed that the higher the IQ the better you were. Later she learned with the growth mindset with effort and belief the labels of the past can be changed. Everyone can develop through experience and effort. Mike Rose’s book Lives on the Boundary describe the stigmas of a social class, the underprivileged excluded from mainstream education, his personal triumphs from living in the ghettos of Las Angles to attending big names universities. He illustrates how, harmful it is to label a child with special needs. From teachers’ having a set belief in teaching, to teachers that had developed a methods of teaching that is unique to their students character and able to meet students’ educational needs.
My educational experience as child was poor because of my hyperactivity and being frequently sent outside to play so that I did not interrupt the classroom, up...

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