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It Kills Essay

  • Submitted by: kowens3891
  • on November 25, 2012
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Texting while driving takes away the one thing everyone needs when behind the wheel, a clear vision. No matter where the phone is or how well you think you can see the road, your eyes can not be completely focused on what they need to be. Looking at a text, no matter how fast you look, takes your attention and immediately puts you and others in danger. Being a teenager I would be lying if I said I have never read or replied to a text while driving. But after realizing the harm texting could do made me think about not only me as a driver but all the other drivers on the road.
Sources say that over eighty percent of accidents in the past few years have been at the fault of a driver being careless and texting. Texting behind the wheel slows your reaction rate more than alcohol consumption does.   If we lose our focus from the road, who is to say that we will not run over someone or be the cause of something horrible. As much as we would all like to overlook it, texting is a killer, point blank. A cell phone can sometimes be more deadly than a handgun.
A cautious driver could be abiding the law and doing everything perfectly, and someone texting could instantly ruin their life forever. As any other normal person, I would be unable to live with myself if I caused harm to another person. By looking at that one text or sending that so called “important message” could be the last thing we ever do. When the thought of death enters one’s mind they never think that they want to leave this world by saying “whats up?” in a text to a friend.
Is it okay to watch television and drive? No it is not! Texting behind the wheel is just like being propped up, watching television you have no idea whats going on except the show. Every person in the world makes stupid choices; it is just what we do. But texting is just like blindfolding yourself standing in the road and randomly shooting.
So always remember texting while driving takes away the one thing everyone needs when behind...

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