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It Matters Essay

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  • on November 9, 2010
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“IT Doesn’t Matter” is a bold and misleading title for an important article that addresses valid dilemmas and stimulates radical changes in thought about how businesses should leverage IT.   Perhaps this was Nicholas Carr’s creative way of attracting readers by challenging the widely accepted modern mindset that IT is what drives today’s strategic competitive advantages.   However, after reading “IT Doesn’t Matter”, I am left with a desire to know what the future will bring and ways in which IT does and will always continue to matter.
Infrastructural technologies receive the largest return on investment when shared amongst the masses rather than used in isolation, says Carr.   IT is without a doubt an infrastructural technology, one in which companies reap the benefits when their employees, suppliers, and customers leverage evolving technologies and become more accessible, organic, and global.   It can even be said that a company stands to benefit when competitors harvest IT, which in turn allows for a more permeable and transparent scope into their business practices (although this is a double edged sword).   However, I believe all IT begins as proprietary before it is eventually broadly shared and enjoyed by many.   The [often] short period IT remains specific to one company is the only time IT itself can act as a strategic advantage.   The competitive edge can only last and become long-term if the company realizes this technology and develops a strategy that releases IT to others at the right time in the right waves.
Although IT has become more affordable and accessible to all, companies should not downplay the need to further advance and develop IT investments.   Carr ‘s new rules instruct businesses to spend less, follow instead of lead, and focus on vulnerabilities instead of opportunities.   If every company adopted this strategy, IT would remain constant and cease to evolve.   The world thrives upon innovative risk-takers who have done their homework and are...

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